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North Carolina Integrated Mathematics Project

As part of numerous innovative projects aimed at re-conceptualizing North Carolina high schools for the 21st century and serving students and communities that have been disadvantaged by changing tides of economic and industry, the NC Integrated Mathematics Project (NCIM) supports the implementation of integrated mathematics curriculum in a number of designated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)-themed schools around the state.

The project is a partnership among North Carolina State University researchers, expert instructors and professional development providers, and teachers in the STEM schools. Using the CORE-Plus curriculum, we are seeking ways to effectively implement new content combinations and pedagogical approaches. The Friday Institute-based group is building and supporting the learning community portal, conducting the research on the project, documenting and studying the implementation of the project, and evaluating the outcomes.

The NCIM project supports the implementation of the Integrated Mathematics curriculum by providing:

  • Content specialists who identify needs of each individual partner STEM school mathematics teacher (content strength, classroom interactions, pedagogy, materials) and provide ongoing face-to-face and web-based customized support for professional development support for each teacher.
  • A web-based NC STEM Learning Portal based at the FI and managed by our group, to promote the overall professional community involved in the project, including communication among participants and online resources.
  • A mid-year networking conference for teachers and their administrators.
  • A summer residential institute offering training in the teaching of IM courses. Principals and supervisors are included are offered a one-day conference on issues of implementing an IM curriculum.

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