SUDDS September 2017 Newsletter

What We’ve Been Up To


  • Summer work with our partner schools. Teachers from our partner schools met with SUDDS team members to review revisions (or updates) to student and teacher reports, and discuss best practices for using the data.
  • Item development work with teachers. This summer, we assembled a small team of teacher item writers from across the country to work with us on developing additional items for our assessment system. Look for these teacher-written items in our cluster tests and practice modules.
  • Improving our diagnostic assessments. Our psychometrics team has been analyzing testing data to identify items for improvement and to increase the predictive capabilities of our assessments.
  • Gearing up for the new school year. We welcome back our partners from last year, and are excited to have new partners joining us for this year. Interested in becoming a field test partner? Reply to us at to learn more.



What’s New in Math-Mapper


  • A robust practice environment. This feature offers real-time feedback on specific questions, so students can see their progress along the learning trajectory. Students can choose to practice a specific construct in the map and focus on progress levels where they need the most practice.
  • New teacher test management system. The new system allows teachers to monitor student test activity, average score, and more.
  • Updated user guide. Just click “User Guide” at the bottom of any page on to access the latest detailed information about each component of Math-Mapper.
  • New student reports. Students can now see their progress over time, and how they’re doing at each learning trajectory level.



What’s Next in Math-Mapper


  • Expanded item pool. The SUDDS item pool will be growing larger this year, allowing for more opportunities for students to take retests and practice at a single learning trajectory level.
  • New teacher reports. Teachers will be able to monitor student proficiency across testing events, using a dynamic visual display.
  • A dynamic calendar tool. Teachers will be able to use the Sequencer to map their existing pacing documents into Math-Mapper. Assessments and curricular materials can be linked to a calendar so teachers can see at a glance what is coming, when.

Interested in becoming a field test partner? Reply to us at to learn more.

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