SUDDS January 2018 Newsletter

What We’ve Been Up To

  • Dr. Confrey presents at London Seminar. In December, Dr. Confrey traveled to London to give a talk called “Centering Instruction around Student Thinking and Doing,” at a seminar in honor of renowned math education researchers Dr. Celia Hoyles and Dr. Richard Noss. Review the slides here.
  • New published work. SUDDS researchers Drs. Confrey and Gianopulos, in collaboration with Dr. Alan Maloney, had their paper, “Untangling the ‘Messy Middle’ in Learning Trajectories” published in the journal Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research and Perspectives.
  • SUDDS abroad! December was full of international travel for the SUDDS team, with Graduate Research Assistant Meetal Shah traveling to Australia, Lead Software Engineer Yungjae Kim visiting family in South Korea, and Project Director Dr. Jere Confrey working with colleagues in England.


International cruise liner at Sydney Harbor.


Seoul at night.


Esteemed colleagues Dr. Celia Hoyles and Dr. Richard Noss. 

What’s New in Math-Mapper

  • Item analysis in class reports. Teachers can now see breakdowns of student responses to each item, as well as the percentage of students who showed evidence of a misconception about a particular item. The answer key can be turned off to allow for whole-class discussion of responses. Check out our guide on using this feature in class discussions here.

The student response pattern and misconception for a ratio reasoning item.


What’s Next in Math-Mapper

  • Administrator reports. We are working with our school administrator partners to develop an administrator dashboard to help them make informed decisions about how to support teachers and students.
  • New visualizations to gauge growth. Soon students will be able to see how their work in a cluster improved over time, even from one school year to the next.
  • New Cluster Score in student reports. A new addition to the student report page will be the Cluster Score (CS), which is an estimate of a student’s score on a standardized 1–10 scale, based on their test responses.

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