SUDDS April 2018 Newsletter

What We’ve Been Up To

  • We’re at NCSM and NCTM this week! If you’re at the conferences in Washington, DC this week, come find us to learn more about our work.
  • Presented at AERA. Last week, Dr. Confrey and Emily Toutkoushian presented on their validation work at the AERA annual meeting in New York City. Their presentation was part of a symposium on argument-based validation approaches in mathematics education.
  • Learning trajectories paper among most-cited. A paper that Dr. Confrey co-authored with Dr. Gemma Mojica and Dr. P. Holt Wilson, “Learning trajectories in teacher education: Supporting teachers’ understandings of students’ mathematical thinking” was listed among the most-cited articles from the Journal of Mathematical Behavior. View the full list >>
  • Resources for teaching percents are now available. We compiled a list of key takeaways for teachers as a result of last fall’s percent design study, and have also made an improved version of the percent curriculum available to all.

What’s New in Math-Mapper   

    • Expanded item pool in practice. We have doubled our practice item pool to include our experimental items that have yet to be field tested. We would love your feedback as you and your students work through these new items.
    • Improved revise/reveal experience. After getting feedback from students and teachers, we have improved the interface for revising incorrect answers and revealing the correct answer.
    • Take retests directly from the learning map. Now students can access retests directly from the learning map.

What’s Next in Math-Mapper

  • New and improved reports. Soon students will be able to see how their work in a cluster improved over time, even from one school year to the next. It will once again let them know if they are getting started, have shown some understanding, or have shown proficiency.  
  • STEM for All Video Showcase. On May 14–21, we will be sharing a video about our work online at During that week, we will be engaging with viewers in the comments section under our video. See you there!



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