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The SUDDS (Scaling Up Digital Design Studies) team seeks to create a unique partnership among practitioners, publishers, technological producers, and university researchers to produce illustrative cutting-edge materials while simultaneously preparing the next generation of digital educational authors and inventors.

We conduct digital design studies that leverage new technologies to address learning challenges in a variety of contexts. Our research is practice-based, iterative, and change-oriented. Starting with a compelling problem or opportunity, we design initial conjectures and develop interactive and creative activities to test them.

We don’t only ask “what works” questions, but also seek to better understand the scenario we are designing for and the tools we build. So, we observe what students can and want to do individually and collectively, and study those processes in real time.

Math-Mapper 6-8


Math-Mapper 6-8 is comprised of a middle grades mathematics learning map, links to free web-based resources, a diagnostic assessment system, and other tools for teachers to support students in navigating the middle grades mathematics terrain. The learning map is built around nine big ideas that organize the content for grades 6-8 into clusters and constructs. Each construct is undergirded by research-based learning trajectories of observable student behaviors.

To get started using Math-Mapper 6-8, follow the link below to create an account. You can always return to our system using your account login credentials.

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